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From Pentrilo we know how important is the choice of good quality materials for excellent finishings, so we would like to bring you some recommendations regarding the choice of materials (roller, brush, putty knives, floor protection paper...) wether you are a professional painter or DIY user.

  • 1. Which paint roller do I have to use?

    As a basic principle we can indicate that a paint roller is determined by two fundamental characteristics: pile length and textile type.

    Although all our paint rollers are designed to provide the best finishing in the shortest possible time, as a general rule the smoother the surface the shorter the pile we have to use. Always keep in mind that the longer the pile of the roller, the more charge of paint it will leave on the surface. With these two ideas, the master painter can choose from a wide range of paint rollers.

    User's guide

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  • 2. Which products for protection?

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  • 3. Which is the best way to paint and save time?

    1. Protect yourself and the surfaces.

    2. Prepare the surface: clean and prepare by using abrasives.

    3. To wash the paint roller before use.

    4. To use a bucket with grid to save paint.

    5. To paint.

    6. Repaint with the paint roller without charge of paint.

    7. To clean the painting tools when finished with the recommended spirit for each paint.

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  • 4. Rules for a correct use of paint rollers

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  • 5. What is ROND system?

    It is the top quality professional paint rollers in the market. The main characteristic is its rounded end.

    ROND System.

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  • 6. Which roller may I use to paint floors?

    If we want to paint a parking floor or a warehouse, we can choose among this three rollers:

    * Pentrilo Special floors.

    * Pentrilo Special floors smooth finishing.

    * Pentrilo Super Felpón.

    Special floors roller characteristics:

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  • 7. Velourex the new textile generation

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  • 8. Microfiber Excellence Rond

    With the Microfiber Excellence ROND Paint Roller


    - Maximum retention of paint and covering power.

    - Rounded End for corner painting and avoid marks.

    - Manufactured by termofusión to avoid seams.

    - Very fine finishing with latex paints.

    - Real time saving.

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  • 9. Which is the ideal roller to use with one coat of colour?

    The roller Cubrix Revolution is ideal for applying one coat of colour, leaving a high micron (above 50 microns) in one hand that allows to apply strong colours with more coverage.

    Last generation of rollers, novelty 2015.

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  • 10. Why is it recommended to use larger diameter roller to paint with?

    The larger diameter rollers allow significantly reduce splashing and increase performance , thus it let us to cover a wider area and save time.

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  • 11. why is it recommended a different replaceable system from the cage?

    A cage system has weight more that our replaceable system and it does not hermetically seal, so the paint tends to spill out.

    The Ecoblock replaceable system of Pentrilo, consists in a new and better version of the cage that avoid the problems mentioned, with a structure more robust and hermetic, due to its extensible tabs.

    Furthermore, this Ecoblock system has a diameter of 50mm, larger that the cage system, that allows a better performance and a professional result.

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  • 12. Which is our policy to international clients? How do we support our distributors?

    Our aim is to get a good distributor in each country that we support to set a range for its market. Also, we make some trainings and technical studies, in order to prescribe the best tools for any kind of application. Thus, the clients can give a technical recommendation for each case.

    In addition, we provide them other materials as layouts and the displays, in order that they can take advantage of the space of its facilities.

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  • 13. What do we do to ensure a good advising about painting and tools?

    Pentrilo has a technical department that is in charge to offer a quality service, making tests, in order to get an optimum results of any kind of application. Also, this department makes trainings and technical advising, under the figure of the technical advisor, in order to help the clients to know better the characteristics and quality of their products.

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  • 14. What are the trainings of Pentrilo about?

    The technical service department of Pentrilo is in charge to offer a qualified service, testing and making a combination of tools and paints, in order to suggest the best pairs of the market and get optimum results of any kind of application.

    During the training, a theoretical part is done, in which the different products that we work and its technical advantages and innovations are presented, in order to make, whenever possible, a practical part where attendees can test some of products following the technical recommendations made by the technical advisor to achieve optimal results.

    These trainings, help the clients to know better the technical characteristics and products quality, in order to recommend and prescribe the most appropriate tools for each application.

    The most important of our training is to ensure that the final user gets the best possible performance and finished with paint.

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